Got a few questions? Stop scratching your head because we have answers! Here are a few commonly asked questions we get asked all the time.

How do I join the OA?

Good question. The Order of the Arrow is the only honor society around where outside members vote for candidates made up of their fellow peers. There are a few qualifications that must be met in order to be eligible for ordeal candidacy. You must have obtained the rank of First Class, get approved by your unit leader and have at least 15 nights of overnight camping which must include one long term trip of at least 5 nights that counts once to the over all sum. Meet these requirements? The next step is for your unit to hold a sanctioned election by a qualified Election Team. If you are selected by your peers your unit leader will be informed of the results and will invite you to our annual call out ceremony held at Camp Charles F. Perry during summer camp. You must then under go an Ordeal held in either Summer or Winter. If you pass the test of the Ordeal, congrats you are the newest member of Scouting's Honor Society.

Do you have to pay to be in OA?

Yes and no! Once you are a member of the Order of the Arrow you are a member for life. However, to be considered an active member you must pay your annual dues and remain a member of the Boy Scouts of America in good standing.

Are there ranks in the OA?

Not necessarily. There are three membership levels, Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil honor. Ordeal is the entry level honor signifying that an Arrowman has passed the test of the ordeal and exemplifies the values of scouting. Brotherhood members have undergone an additional test of knowledge and character to demonstrate they live by the ideals of the order and confirm their place with in the brotherhood. Vigil is the highest honor in the Order of the Arrow and is bestowed upon Arrowmen that demonstrate exemplary service to scouting and the order.

Can my troop run an election with out an Election Team?

The would be a no. The Order of the Arrow has a strict set of guidelines that govern the election process and it must be ran by a qualified and trained team of Arrowmen that are not registered or affiliated with your unit. Please contact the lodge advisor, lodge chief or lodge secretary to schedule an election.